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The joy of the massage.

Kimberly is a gifted Psychic Medium who is also renowned for her abilities as a Healer.

As a natural born Psychic Medium, she has over 35 years experience.  Her gifts were evident at a very young age. 

Since Grade School, Kim has seen visions while awake and in dreams that have come to be true in reality.                        On Three separate occasions she experienced documented "Near Death" experiences. 

Kimberly has learned from experience on her own path of Healing how to transmute Darkness in to Light.

It is because of her own miraculous transformation that she has became so passionate about helping others learn how to Heal and Grow in Love and Light.

One thing Kimberly is most proud on her Spiritual Journey is she is allowed access to The Hall's of Amenti, A.K.A. The Underworld where she has had the greatest privilege to see and communicate with many Ascended Masters.

She is also proud to work with Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides and the like.

Kimberly's Readings and Healings are Full of Joy, Laughter, Comfort, Honesty, Tears, Love, Guidance, Healing and Deep Spirituality.

Her education has expanded to include Holistic Healing, Sound Healing, Energy Healing, Reincarnation and Past Lives, Karma, Metaphysics, Meditation, Chakra's, Aura's, Crystals, Gemstones and Minerals, Herb's and Plant Extract Therapy, Ancient History and World Religions and various other topics.